Shèkèrè Columnists

Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted


Born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria in 1928, Ted Mukoro (Uncle Ted as we fondly call him) is a renaissance man; a veteran advertising guru, teacher, internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning sound, stage and screen artist, playwright and a true leader. He has inspired and nurtured the careers of the vast majority of Nigeria’s leading advertising gurus.  A pioneer staff of the first television station in Africa, WNTV/WNBS, joining the station just a year after it was launched, he was part of the longest running serial on Nigerian television, The Village Headmaster, and he wrote the script for the first two episodes. A colossus of the advertising industry, his career spans almost 5 decades with a huge body of work that remains a benchmark till date. At 84, he tirelessly continues to contribute his brilliance to the African ideal, consulting for different agencies and organisations. His encyclopaedic knowledge covers a wide range of disciplines and interests. Shèkèrè is indeed honoured to host his column.

Tam Fiofori

Tam Fiofori


TAM FIOFORI is the quintessential example of how we don’t appreciate and celebrate our best brains and talents. While Africa and Africans were still battling with emerging out of colonialism and they were being told that they did not have the “expertise” to run their own countries, their own businesses, their own anything, and they needed foreign experts to teach them how to do everything including how to eat, Uncle Tam as we like to call him was already operating at the highest levels on the international stage. As the first New Music/Electronic Music Editor for Downbeat Magazine, along with his writing in numerous other art and literary magazines in the US and in Europe, he was largely responsible for bringing underground black creativity to the American national consciousness in those heady days of the 1970s. Writer, journalist, photo-artist, chronicler, director, producer, artist manager, sound engineer, he has been all over the world, interviewing the biggest names in the world, photographing the biggest stars in sports. For over 40 years, he has tirelessly documented, through the print media, through photography, through documentaries, the history of the whole continent of Africa and Black icons in the Diaspora; From Angola to Egypt to Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and throughout the United States and Europe, he has documented and promoted our living history, our music, our sports, our politics, our lives and ourselves. His collection of photographs is a national treasure. In spite of overwhelming odds and a mind numbing environment, this unsung African of our time continues his work, driven only by his passion for excellence and his love for the human race.


Tireless, prolific, passionately African, Dr. Opoku continues the millenia old African tradition of truth sayers and guardians of the essence of Africa. With penetrating insight, he reminds Africans of who we really should be and assures those that continually steal and ravage Africa’s history, arts and culture that we are not all blind.
OBANYA’S Shèkèrè

Poet, scholar, cartoonist, author, Pan-Africanist,and publisher, OBanya wears many caps.

Paa Kwesi Holbrook-Smith

Paa Kwesi Holbrook-Smith


African/Ghanian Entertainment Entrepreneur and maverick. For the past 30 years, Paakay has tirelessly promoted, created, celebrated and documented African music and its legends. Shèkèrè is thrilled and honoured to host his column


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